Video 24 Oct 20 notes

"This shot would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the Teradek" — "A" Camera crew, Gangster Squad

Take a look at Teradek’s Case getting its feet wet on its first big feature film! The pictures above are a few sneak peeks from behind the scenes of Gangster Squad, which is filmed on location in Los Angeles.  The shot used a steadicam, which was lowered to the street from a crane 30ft up.  The cameraman then had to walk in-between cars and people on a crowded sidewalk and then up a flight of stairs where they entered a crowded room.  It was a very technical steadicam shot that covered nearly 200ft in a single shot lasting almost 2 minutes!  Both DP and steadicam operators raved about Cube’s performance, which operated flawlessly for 5 hours during 10 rehearsals and 17 takes.  We raised Case about 8ft behind a fake wall on set to ensure that there were no frame drops over the 200ft shot.  The output from the Case was fed to a Cube decoder which output video into the VTR cart and from there all over set.  It was the only video used by the DP, Director and actors to monitor and review each take. 

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